Download Loark

2012-02-27 15:03:34

Play Loark and get generous rewards. Select the file appropriate for your PC below.


Fast Install (32-bit Systems)   Size: 19MB

It only takes you 3 minutes to download at 200KB/S download speed.

Ordinary Install (32-bit Systems)  Size: 60MB

It may take you 10 minutes to download at 200KB/S download speed.

Full Install (32-bit Systems)      Size: 724MB

It may take you about 1 hour to download at 200KB/S download speed.

About Loark
As a free 2.5D multiplayer Action RPG, Loark creates special effects and brings players a new graphic experience. In the game, players will constantly see the effects of vibration and flame stream. Players can adventure into the colorful virtual world called Turmberg scattered with foes and obstacles, slip in and out of different mysterious Realms and change the world. Now the MicroClient enables players to play Loark more smoothly and efficiently. It only takes a few seconds to download the game client. After installation, players can enjoy a fluid gameplay in Loark.